Interactive solutions for events and exhibitions

Information lasts much longer if delivered through interactivity.

The followings are interesting, imaginative, creative solutions that require active participation to gain knowledge. The process is contactless, yet experiential, so it gives a longer lasting experience.

Our solutions make public areas of events more colorful; we can use them for marketing, entertainment or educational purposes, as well as to share information in a more exciting and eye-catching way.

These suggestions put more focus on gaining experience by combining technical achievements with impulses capturing the human senses.

Interactive story wall

They help visualize information with various trigger solutions, diverse surfaces, built-in physical components and exciting design. With the help of guest-activated multi-sensor elements the content comes to life as a personalized, projected animation.

Using LCD displays, we can add more detailed information or even videos to our stories.

We recommend this solution primarily as a/an:
● interactive way to present products and services
● spectacular presentation of productions, operations and procedures
● special on-stage presentation interface
● playful, interactive display of information
● entertainment element in social areas for marketing purposes
● unique, eye-catching stand element

Immersive / 270 degree room

Each wall of the room is built of a digital display. Upon entering the room, visitors find themselves in a seemingly realistic full-screen image or animation; the experience can be enhanced by sound effects. 

Guests activate the content projected on the LED walls, where the changing imagery helps visualize special scenes.

We primarily recommend this solution:
● to give a realistic presentation of physically inaccessible areas and locations
● for the realistic presentation of buildings, areas and investments in planning phase
● to present products or services in various different contexts
● as a unique recreational space and / or a game opportunity that helps strengthen brand loyalty and information transfer

Sliding screen

Spectacular display tool that allows guests and visitors discover the company’s history, products and services in the form of a digital content.

The installation consists of a custom-made back wall and one or more horizontal or vertical screen(s), hand-steered or motor-driven via a touch surface (also available with non-contact sensor control). By moving the digital screen(s), the hidden content elements of the background graphics are revealed step-by-step with audiovisual support.

We recommend this solution primarily:
● to present company or product history along a timeline
● as a unique presentation tool
● for an area-based presentation of destinations
● as an experiential presentation of special devices, vehicles and buildings
● an individual exhibition stand element for product or service presentation

Further ideas

●  Graffiti wall
● Interactive floor and wall
●  Kinetic video wall
●  Projection on a 3D surface

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