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Creative exhibitions

Among other industries, business tourism has also stopped due to the epidemic, that resulted in thousands of events, exhibitions and conferences cancelling or postponing to a later date.

The time that has passed since then proved that instead of the traditional event types clients will seek for safe and more comfortable alternative solutions, therefore we need to re-examine the exhibition sector, too.

In response to these altering needs, we have created the following new exhibition ideas:






A unique and focused display area set up as a permanent element of a company headquarters, instead of exhibiting at traditional trade-shows. An experience center like this is the excellent way to showcase the company’s services and products in a personalized and safe environment.


● Cost-effective as no additional costs apply (e.g. rental fee)

● Long-term solution compared to a regular exhibition

● It can be perfectly tailored to the profile, products or services of the company

● Ideal for personalized presentations for smaller groups

● More customer-oriented due to the informal atmosphere

● Safe as only invited guests participate

● Gives an insight into the company’s life, thus creates a more trustful relationship between the company and its customers

Consider this option for your headquarters, larger offices or welcome areas.



A modular and compact lounge with elements that are easy to combine and extend, or set up in any community space. Compelling showrooms setting an exclusive environment for sales and marketing activities, while visitors are pleased to share the eye-catching and unique designs on various social media platforms.


● One-time production cost with reusable, variable and compatible elements

● Customizable modular solutions

● Systems easily adaptable to the environment

● Small space requirement, fix dimensions

● Easy transportation and installation

This solution is ideal in office buildings, lobbies, shopping malls, airports, showrooms, small exhibition halls, hotels and museums.


An easy-to-transform, modular, container-like visitor area, that works well both indoors and outdoors. Neat and functional space where customers can directly get acquainted with the product(s). A glass or metal version creates a more high-end environment. 


● Easy to transport, modular and flexible

● Cost-effective due to repeated use

● Ideal to bring the product close to the potential customers

● Number of visitors can be controlled and kept safe

● A unique environment designed to focus on the product and service to display

Mobile Showrooms are ideal at exhibition venues to create a more private atmosphere, or for road shows to interact with a wider customer base.

VIRTUal booth

Along the logic of virtual and hybrid events, hybrid and virtual booths can also be built. 

Virtual spaces and display areas offer newer and more creative experience compared to regular exhibition booths. Thanks to their interactive information system, a lot of extra features can complement the display of the booths on a 360-degree visual platform: marketing materials, links, videos, product information, just to name a few.

The virtual tours may be embedded on websites, too. The virtual booth is a contactless, innovative, engaging and high-tech solution without boundaries. 


● Booths either in ready-built or in pre-designed phase can be easily integrated

● Stunningly realistic and rich in detail

● Unlimited possibilities to constantly upgrade or expand content

● Can connect to any virtual medium or platform (apps, web shops, etc.)

● Safe and environmentally friendly solution

● Innovative marketing tool

Virtual booths perfectly fit as a spectacular supplement for live exhibitions; for post-event follow-ups; as a cost-effective and yet imposing replacement of canceled exhibitions or for digital marketing purposes.

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